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New to HPPD?


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I had many symptoms of HPPD about 5 years ago after taking MDMA/Magic mushrooms. Spent many many hours reading this forum and it led to quite a bit of depression/anxiety. Long story short... I don't even think of HPPD anymore as it doesn't exist in my life. I only come in this forum when I get tempted to try another drug (really want to try coke/ket) and the sadness on here drives home that it's not worth it. Some people are just not meant to have fun with drugs (me!). 

My advice to anyone new here... 



Do what you need to do to understand what hppd is and then try and forget about it. The anxiety you get from reading on this (and other) websites makes it WORSE. Seriously, focus on you life, mental wellbeing etc. but DON'T OBSESS about HPPD. 


I remember being what I would consider 'almost HPPD free' and I would come back on this website and instantly all the text would start waving around again and my peripheral vision would start seeing random shapes etc. My hppd was directly related to how much I focused about my hppd... 


Many years in and i'm HPPD free and have been for ages. Believe that you will be too and all will be alright. 

To those veterans that have had HPPD for year I have no advice, sorry. I just hope that you guys can help any of the new members by sharing a similar message as above. 


Don't obsess over HPPD and HPPD won't obsess over you. 

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