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Supplement i have good experience with

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Hey guys, 

one supplement i like is spirulina, i have been taking it for a week and noticing improvement. 

build the dose slowly up because starting with the full daily intake can be a bit strong. I am taking it every night or morning with a sea kelp supplement, not sure if this makes the difference but I notice improvement when taking spirulina. 

hope you guys have maybe also some good experience with it. 

if you take it, it is important to buy good quality, hawain spirulina is apperently the most ecologicaly grown. 



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I also had good experiences with spirulina.


It could be because it has a compound called methyl-folate. It reduces dopamine and serotonin activity, so it calms you down to some extent. It acts as a dopamine reuptake promoter, and same with serotonin. Althought if you take it every single day you can get worse. Depends on the person.

Google Wash folate methylfolate metilation and you will find out what im talking about.

And some people do not tolerate it as they are folate intolerant.

That's my theory tho, and I could be wrong.



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Yes, i agree with that it works a bit calming i agree. I also feel it works cleansing your body but I am not sure maybe that's just placebo :) (although there are a lot of articles on how it is good for your brain, liver, heart, etc and detoxifies).

Really good comment with the bio part tnx bro👍 

good day 

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Sorta along these same lines, I tried taking astaxanthin last month and felt really good on it, although it could also have been other supplements I was taking. In general people with HPPD seem to do well with stuff that comes from the ocean because it's often very nutrient dense, good for the brain and very inflammatory. I imagine a good fermented cod liver oil on top of the two mentioned above as well as some seaweed once per week would be a great routine for any HPPD sufferer. 

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Even though that post is a few years old, the conversation around supplements like spirulina remains relevant today. People continuously discover and share experiences with various supplements over time, contributing valuable insights to the community. If you've been exploring spirulina, have you also had the chance to try incorporating mushroom powder into your routine since then? It's fascinating how our understanding of these supplements evolves, and trying new combinations might still offer benefits for your wellness routine.

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