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  1. It's dead because it isnt giving any solutions and useful information is being censored. As everywhere.
  2. I had that too. After solving a big conflict in my life it went away. A week after the onset. And it was after mushroom trip as well, where I got very mad a 2 of my mates i was tripping with and was on rage mode after the trip, and that might have affected. I wouldnt do marihuana or alcohol just un case. to not fuck up things. I had that feeling, and after it resolved, i keept on doing psychedelics until a acid trip left me important consequences, so it might be that you might be succesptible. Check out my post about why I think hppd happens.
  3. es como una constante sensacion de mareo?
  4. I also had good experiences with spirulina. It could be because it has a compound called methyl-folate. It reduces dopamine and serotonin activity, so it calms you down to some extent. It acts as a dopamine reuptake promoter, and same with serotonin. Althought if you take it every single day you can get worse. Depends on the person. Google Wash folate methylfolate metilation and you will find out what im talking about. And some people do not tolerate it as they are folate intolerant. That's my theory tho, and I could be wrong. Peace!
  5. Hey! Im form Bulgaria too! Actually quite weird you came across lsd there, is quite rare or that's what I think so. I dont live there anymore tho. https://www.reddit.com/r/HPPD/comments/9ui20d/i_cured_myself_from_hppd/ http://hppdonline.com/topic/5967-so-i-cured-my-hppd-using-indutrial-bleach-wtf/ There are the posts where I explain my case. I cured it using high doses of MMS/CDS. DM me if you have any questions. Peace!
  6. So I've got the same from mushroms, and yeah, they also gave me sulpiride, that I didnt took, I didnt like the idea of taking antipsychotics. It passed away. So I had som trips mid time, but. Some months later after a trip on LSD I had hppd. So, you know, dont do Lsd , and I would stop any other psychedelic by now. That was a warning sign I must have listened to. I used chlorine dioxide to reverse my hppd, like 10 drops every morning, so give it a try if you will and tell me how it goes. Un saludo compañero!
  7. Yeah! I do! Interesting to know I'm not the only one. Is like part of my hppd symptoms. So, do you have them in usually functional muscles, or in muscles that you dont usually use? I got almost all the time constant contractions at the surface of my tonge, where there are no muscles. As if the contractions happen in sensory nerves,not muscle nerves. You know what Im talkint about? That really interesting.
  8. Como se te desarrolló? Yo estoy en el 6to mes y ya casí he remitido. Estoy muy contento de volver a sentirme nornal y poder llevar una vida en condiciones. Un saludo
  9. Great glad to hear! Doctors might feel confused to hear about it. All in all MMS is chlorine dioxide, wich is a water soluble gas used for water disinfection. And other industry applications So go figure hows that something like this help with hppd right? It will help only if you take it according to some instructions, disguised in the mms health and recovery guidebood, you can google it. Just letting you know. Let me know what happens! Greetings from Spain!
  10. By the way, only thing that calmed me down didnt affect mybhpod worse was kratom. But that was just me. Be careful as i always say.
  11. Brother, know how you feel. Been there. Got 95% back using chlorine dioxide, also known as MMS. And improving every day. I feel i will be back 100% . By now, i can say im functional and recovered. You can check out about MMS in the webpage of the discoverer, Jim Humble, Jim Humble.is . You have to take it according to some instructions tho, so it can work. I watch some testimonies about MMS reverse autism, parkinson, alzheimer, arthereosclerosis, and depresion whith success. So maybe it has somethig to do with all that and hppd. I just tried it in a desperate
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