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Tactile sensations

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Does anyone have tactile sensations? Like I can feel the static and visual stuff I see in my body. It’ll get real intense and feel like I’m burning all over. Like a burning staticy sensation all over. Plus I feel like not right and my body and head and eyes  will feel like this oozy wierd feeling. I feel fucked up. I thought I was doing better a lot better to the point I had stopped taking my medication. Then one night I got in a fight and was angry and took 40mg of clonezapam and got sent to the hospital and then the mental hospital. My doctor didn’t want to prescribe me clonazepam when I got out. I know that’s what will help me the best though. But anyways when I got out the mental hospital all the sudden it seemed my hppd got way worse. Like I have felt super fucked up every day. Which I’m not sure if it’s cuz they had moved my lexapro up to 20mg or because I had taken 40 clonezapams which made it worse. But it was over a week in the mental hospital and things didn’t get worse til I left the mental hospital so I’m not sure what caused it. Or maybe it was extreme anxiety I’m not sure. But after a month my doctor has put me on lorezapam. Only a 1mg dose for the whole day though. I’m hoping my next doctors appointment he bumps up the lorezapam dose or gives me clonezapam. I just need to get back to a more livable condition. Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the symptoms I’m talking about and any knowledge they may have. Plus if you know of any certain exercise or food I should be eating plus natural substances like valerian root or something? Thank you for your help. 

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I have this tactile sensations. They told me that i have schizofremia. But i dont know it that is right diagnosis. I think this is hppd. I can feel the burning sensation like millions ants walking on my feet under the skin. Its sometimes hurts. And I feel sometimes a point of pain in my head behind left eye. I thinks that may be cluster headache. 

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