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hi, what are your hppd symptoms?

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8 hours ago, popiwave said:

Hi!, i think i have HPP, it's not too bad yet but ever since my first trip I see eyes on tree leaves and sometimes grass. I got it from NBOMe, I think. I didn't have bad trips though, I just cannot unsee it. How about you.

after a bad trip I started to notice floral motifs on walls and walls, then I told myself that they are normal, that already existed but I started to notice them now and they disappeared (I think the brain has stopped focusing on them). then I had hands that leave trails, those left after people told me they are normal, I concentrated so much to see those trails that I could no longer ignore lol, then they seemed much more obvious than normal. now I have a little 'visual snow in dark places or when I look at dark / light surfaces, however, even this I read on the internet that is normal because the human eye is not perfect lol. if I fix an object I see it moving but since I started ignoring this thing it's gone. the scariest thing is that the night with my eyes closed I had some "infernal" images of torture, monsters, demons etc ... this thing left me after I did 1/4 of lsd, these horror cevs were the thing worse because the night did not sleep from fear. the only thing I do not explain is that when I look at the checkered surfaces the eye seems to go crazy, I see those surfaces that flash and give me vastness in the eyes, I do not know whether it depends on my use of LSD or not, maybe it is always I was there but I never noticed it. in short it is st sorry if I wrote a little bad but I used Google translator :)
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It makes me really happy that you say not focusing on them makes them dissappear, it is the same for me. I do not have CEV, I only see little eye shapes in tree leaves. I feel like it's the same. The eyes were always there but now I can notice them, and I will until I get used to them.

How are you holding up? Seeting trees at night just scares me a little bit. I don't have visual snow, and I got the eyes after taking 1/2 of NBOMe, one month after the second time I did it. By the way your english is okay. don't worry! This is an interesting conversation :)

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