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TODAY IS #WorldSightDay - Already on Twitter.

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Here are some examples. I put up one. But, adding HPPD/Visual Snow can get a lot of visibility (that was not a pun on purpose) for no cost.







????????, will notice that it starts to become harder to see things clearly up close http://bit.ly/2RHK7hW  #WorldSightDay

atient records are a valuable source of information for planning ?️ care services. They can identify, not only how many people are receiving eye care, but also socio-economic and demographic information about the patients http://bit.ly/2RHK7hW  #WorldSightDay


“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful- Hellen Keller.” On #WorldSightDay, let us focus on helping raise awareness about blindness and vision-related impairments, of which 80% can be prevented or cured. Take care of your eyes for they are the window to your soul.


Being able to see clearly is a blessing! On this #WorldSightDay, promise to maintain the health of your eyes with our ‘Eye Care’ feature. Download http://Medicalwale.com  app today: https://land.ly/medicalwale 


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