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Anyone know of useful meds for schizzoaffective?


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows of any useful antipsychotics for the treatment of concurrent schizzoaffective and HPPD? I have some pretty bad schizzoaffective symptoms that make it pretty hard for me to live without really freaking out (metaphorically) in public.

It seems that most meds that cause my HPPD to become worse typically also make my schizzoaffective worse.

I’m on abilify right now, low dose, 2mg, and I think its causing some of my HPPD symptoms to become worse, but i’m Not totally sure - for the first few days it did quiet my thought process down a bit.


Olanzipine and Seroquel are pretty much off the table - they don’t help. I’m on 1000mg of keppra a day which seems to allow my tolerance for many antipsychotics i used to not be able to take. Olanzipine and Seroquel, as mentioned above, have they’re desired effect while I’m on keppra, where as prior to dosing with keppra these meds would cause a very weird side effect profile.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.

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1 minute ago, subzero said:

Haldol maybe 

Haldol gives me far too many extrapleural/dyskinesia symptoms. To the point that I can't even touch it.


I think il stay on Abilify for a while, I honestly think it's one of the best neuroleptics around right now. I find that taking clonidine and an iron supplement with Abilify deals with it affecting my hppd symptoms quite effectively.


Just checking, im sure there's a couple here that would know. ?

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Im not sure I would touch any of those except for depakote. I have terrible side effects from any antidepressants, and invega is actually a derivative of risperidone.


Im glad I found a combination that works for me, a low dose of Abilify along with some keppra. 

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