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azithromycin had beneficial effects


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My son who has vs, morning brain fog and low energy recently got strep throat and was prescribed azithromycin 250 mg. 6 pills taken over 5 days. During this time his vs, brain fog and low energy all improved. Woke up alert in the morning, had energy all day and very little vs or other visuals. Downside: it was harder to fall asleep. He took the azithromycin as early as possible in the morning but still had trouble falling asleep so he took 25 mg. extra seraquel to help with sleep. Also once the prescription was done the symptoms all came back. I'm going to try and find a doc to prescribe it for a month, 250 mg. 3x a week and see how that works. If it does I'll report back any results. 

If anyone else has had any experience with using an antibiotic for HPPD let me know know. I haven't seen it posted elsewhere but I might have missed it. 

Hoping for everyone's good health and a cure!

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There certainly are many similar symptoms. When my son took the azithromycin he had more energy, less brain fog and fatigue and was able to fall asleep at night normally. The best part was: NO ANXIETY!! This only lasted as long as he took the antibiotic, plus a couple days. 

He is going to be tested for Lyme and has an appt at the Stram Integrative Center for Medicine in Delmar NY Oct.12. The results won't be ready until Nov. 9. He was bitten by a tick about 5 years ago and he did get an antibiotic at that time but only for 3 weeks and it seems that does not always take care of it. Maybe his taking ecstacy and LSD last summer triggered something? All I know is that it's a lot easier to get Clonazepam than it is to get azithromycin.  The Stram center will do a full workup. Too bad it's all out of pocket as insurance companies don't believe in treating (paying) for late stage or chronic lyme it seems... Also he's out of state for college so his health insurance won't cover him there. Still, he's lucky he's only 10 miles away from the Stram Center. 

Will keep you updated on what transpires, Hope1.

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