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the jason bourne cure

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bit of a stab in the dark here, but if visual disinhibition is overloading the processing capacity of the aware brain, in an analogous way to having a pre-amp that is too big for the main amp causing distortion, then could there be exercises that increase the brain's visual processing? So analagous to increasing the main amp size so the pre amp doesn't cause distortion.  It reminds me of the jason bourne film where he has amnesia but is super aware of everything going on around him due to his special forces training.  I wonder if we could do something similar to improve our visual awareness so it is capable of coping with the excess inputs.

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ive started using the glasses off app to apparently increase contrast sensitivity and brain processing speed.  I think i do feel a bit quicker in the head and my stats are improving on the app for what they are worth.  No change to hppd tho.

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