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Vertigo/Motion issues

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I have had HPPD and DP/DR for 8 years. In October 2010, I had conducted my last trip ever. I had tripped acid 4 times and shrooms 6 times, my October 2010 trip was acid fyi. A month later I had a panic attack trying to sleep and the next day woke up and everything had changed. I’ve had visual snow, black eye worms and floaters, DP/DR, and anxiety now for 8 years. I met with my family doctor, a neurologist, and a psychiatrist. However, I have been able to just accept it and cope with it since I have had it so long. Obviously at first it was difficult but time helps heal all a little. I got an MRI and an EEG back in 2010 showing nothing wrong with me. Then, in January of 2018 I had my first vertigo attack. I have had two more vertigo attacks since then. And this past week I have felt as if I am in constant motion, almost as if I am off balance or swaying. I am getting an MRI tomorrow since the last one was in 2010 and before I started getting the vertigo/motion/balance symptoms. I am meeting with a neuro eye doctor in a month. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


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yeah, the during my first year of HPPD, i had pretty intense vertigo problem, with also orthostatic hypotension ( feel super dizzy when standing up).

I would recommend checking your diet and exercise , it helped, but also time and patience did fix it. Off course i recovered because i completely stopped using any drugs at that time. 

I would strongly recommend to stay away from any drugs or alcool during the recovery time.

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