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I've been taking lyrica for a week for nerve pain and it works pretty well so far. Side effects have been making me feel a bit drunk and extreme relaxation but I've heard those go away. I take 225mg. daily and it's been working better then vicodin for pain. What I like most is it's sedating feeling making anxiety bearable. I hope this feeling last's but I heard your body gets tolerant to this med rather quick.

Also lyrica does help with opiate withdrawals. I read about that and I cut down on some of my pain meds rather easily.

That's all wish more ppl would post, I always check this site out and nothing new of late, take care!

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I've been using Gabapentin (Lyrica's older sister) which is similar. It is also helpful for anxiety. A pharmacist said that Lyrica can be addictive but Gabapentin (Neurontin) isn't (so New York has restrictions on it) - don't know if this is true but you could check with your doc about this. Have you tried Gabapentin before?

These two are very similar meds and considered mild anti-seizure meds as well as good for nerve pain. Don't know what the equivalent of 225mg lyrica would be, but some feel it is sedating. When I first started, took 1800mg Gabapentin / day and it was not sedative ... in fact it gave energy. Well, there is my 2 cents ...

Hope it works out for you.

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Iv'e been prescribed for lyrica as well two weeks ago for headaches and anxiety.

I take 75*2/day, no doubt about the tolorance - it does help for pain but i don't feel anymore the sedative effect as at the first few days on the drug.

Helpful for anxiety somewhat, no bad side effects. apetite went a bit higher and libido wend a bit lower.

I was reading in some other forum about ppl (with no hppd) experiencing with lyrica saying that lyrica give them perception disturbance as little flashing dots like on old theater movies (not floaters, but a flashing bright dot for a second or two). I am too experienced this two or three times a day, so take that in mind.

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I get those small flashing dots as well from Lyrica. I don't mind any of the small visuals from meds anymore, I'm so used to major visuals they don't bother me. Your post is very accurate to how Lyrica works on me as well. I'm am feeling extremely tired though. I'm sure that's just the starting side effects. Anything for pain I'll take it. Im hoping it works on some of the hppd body pains as well. ( My appetite is crazy on this med I eat like I'm high lol

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