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Web site is covered for months. Also, starting Livestream HPPD Videos

David S. Kozin

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Many updates are coming from the time in silence where I have spent endless hours searching for a job.

1) HPPDonline.com is now paid for 3 months in advance. VisionDisorders.org and related sites are being taken off suspension as well.

2) HPPDonline.com has a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HPPDonline operated by multiple users and a source of information when this breaks down.

3) To offer a chance for the HPPDonline.com and related communities to hear current research, discuss topics regarding diagnostic proposals, and to develop a better community where members can submit chat questions regarding topics including "HPPD" and visual snow to David Kozin, expert and sufferer of the chronic disorders and guests as he/I can acquire them (it may be you). Additionally, videos including images from video effects and taped simulators will be available for download to enable ease for demonstrations. The channel also operates to use the power of the visiondisorder.org branding (I don't see the DSM-5 containing HPPD at the moment) to use to bring awareness via different forms of advocacy by expanding our base of individuals with disorders VERY similar to our own.

The first broadcast to be open to the entire public will be announced shortly. Test broadcasts will be provided to interested users.
VisionDisorders on Ustream
VisionDisorders @ USTREAM: Live and recorded broadcast discussions regarding the controversy and science over disorders of persisting altered vision.

Click this icon to see the first catalog entry of a text book devoted to HPPD

Waiting for my copy to arrive shortly (Has taken since May because of matters beyond my control)

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