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Does smoking ciggaretes affect HPPD significantly?


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Cigarettes are strange for me. I recently tried to quit and failed after a couple weeks. I will say, for the most part, that I don't notice a difference in my HPPD smoking cigarettes. Although i've been smoking since before I acquired it.

Strange note: Sometimes, usually when I have not had a stoge in a while, smoking a cigarette gets me really high for 5 minutes or so. I hate it, actually. Say I didn't smoke the night before, then the next morning that first cig will make me noticeably high. Like you're first time ever smoking you got that head rush? Like that, but more intense, only started happening after having HPPD for a while - defiantly not normal.

Some people seem to do okay with nicotine and caffeine, others don't. You could always make you're best shot at quitting and see if it helps. Quitting is often for the best anyway. :P Wish I could be more helpful. Perhaps someone here has some real insight and not personal experience/speculation, though.

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they do abit with me but only really the anxiety part, and then some physical symptoms, like my teeth feeling soft and weird things like that its very odd, but i think to a certain extent its in my head coz its only a teeeeeeeeeny bit and i noticed it more after i read online that5 smoking cigarrettes makes anxiety worse, part of me thinks its my mind expecting it to happen and then getting anxious about being anxious and then the anxiety being like oh no is that my teeth feelin soft aaah nooo i shoudltn hav smoked that cigG!!! (i get physical weird feelings worse and often before visuals with my hppd, very odd, but i always did hav my senes of touch altered significantly more than anyone else i know when i was tripping anyway)

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