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Matt Bagott, Erowids, and Researchers discussing HPPD as part of Conference

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Preparing slides for my workshop on Psychedelic Neuroscience with psychopharmacologist Nicholas Cozzi at the MAPS 25th Anniversary Conference in Oakland next weekend. We'll talk about Nick's work on DMT as an endogenous ligand, my work administering psychoactives like MDA, MDMA, and LSD to people in the lab, collaborations with erowid.org, why MDMA differs from classical psychedelics, receptor-level mechanisms of psychedelics, cortical mechanisms of visuals, studies of creativity, toxic effects like HPPD, and much much more. Should be a fun event!

Matt Baggott is on our side, and I have seen some of the slides. I will give more info as it comes.

- David

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