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whats wrong with my vision

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This was my first LSD experience

Had 2 and a half gummy bears with drops on them, I assume 250mg each not sure. the trip wasn’t too intense. 

I heavy started at the patterns on my walls as they melted for hrs, thats about it. 

The next day I noticed the patterns in the wall would still melt if I looked at them long enough.  For about a week after the trip my right eye  was a little blurry and tired.  Felt a little fog in my head. 

After a night of binge drinking I was all better the next day 100% my self no issues. Than the alcohol left my body. Around 9pm everything was wavy again worse than ever and I was having trouble reading as I couldn’t focus and the words were moving. The vision in my right eye was blurry. Its like ALL my vision was peripheral vision. Everything around what I’m focused on was wavy.

The next day my right eye was a little bad until I took some Tylenol and it cleared up. I had two more days of being completely  fine. Than out of no where I felt the right side of my brain fog up and my vision got a little blurry and wavy again. When I focus on something it begins moving and melting in just the slightest way.


Its not super intense but its very VERY annoying it feels like my right eye is about 1mm off focus from my left eye and when things melt or wave its ever so slight. 

I don’t have any signs of depression other than the anxiety from this happening. 

Also my head sometimes doesn’t feel normal but doesn’t hurt. This comes and goes 



Have any of you ever had anything similar ? 

If so how did you cope?

How long did it last?  

I am now a 2 weeks out from my trip to this day.   

The fact that I have had a few days with no effects gives me hope it will pass, but I’m not sure whats triggering it. 

Today I’m trying to wear sunglasses and see if that helps. 

I have also been staying away from alcohol and anything that would effect me in a negative way thank to advice on this forum.

Id also like to say thank you to everyone that has posted on here.

Finding thins site has really helped me a lot and I appreciate all of you ! 

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