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This drug has caught my intrest now and again, mainly for it's anti-anxiety application (the add application is also interesting, I personally think I have to some extent add/adhd, not bad levels, but they did figure out that the condition is not black and white but rather a spectrum condition, where you fall will determine how the condition effects you, anyway I don't want to get into an arguement about this condition as I seem to frequently lol) It sounds like it basically calms things down, I think a lot of medications need to be specific to each person because each persons etiology is differen't (Hence why some drugs work for some and not others)

There is a case study from the old stormloader site:


"It was hypothesized that the hyperarousal, traumatic nightmares, and flashbacks that characterize posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) are related to long-term potentiation of locus ceruleus pathways to the hippocampus and amygdala (2). Pharmacological agents that can dampen the hyperarousal associated with PTSD should have a palliative if not a curative role (3). Clonidine suppresses locus ceruleus activity and reduces adrenergic activity (4); thus, it appears to be helpful in the treatment of PTSD (5). We think that LSD-related flashbacks, like PTSD-related flashbacks, may be associated with excessive sympathetic nervous activity; therefore, clonidine may alleviate this condition."

This is on a big list of stuff i want to try, at this point I don't really care about being a guniea pig, Opiate (even though it's just codeine) and Benzo (clonazepam) addicition are really screwing me up latly so I am game to try a few things. I realise this drug would have been discussed before but I feel it's worth trying for my self, I'm rather medicated right now and can't be bothered getting to into the reasoning behind wanting to try this drug.

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