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Best meds for headaches with hppd

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I suffer from really bad headaches from time to time and I can take a load of paracetamol and that will dull the pain abit but not get rid of it and sometimes won't even make a difference, and these headaches can also last for days. I took some codeine before around 60mg and it made my head feel really foggy and increased my dp/dr abit and made me have really bad hot and cold sweats, before hppd I would take 30mg codeine and would feel a nice buzz and absolutely no problems but what I experienced was more dysphoric. So I was wondering does anyone else have problems with headaches and how do you treat them without making hppd worse? Or has anyone had similar problems from codeine or other opiates to help with pain?

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I had a serious leg injury and was on 10mg Oxycontin every 4-6 hours plus Morphine IV prn. I was fine.  

Honestly,  I take Excedrine for headaches. Excedrine would stop headaches caused from MDMA abuse,  Opiate induced headaches, Alcohol Hangover,  Tension Headaches and Migraine. 

I know and worked with sufferers of Cluster Headache. One of the substances that is added to a compound thay works is Caffeine.

Excedrine has Aspirin,  Acetaminophen and Caffeine. 

It is more effective than Morphine for headaches for me.  

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