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I tried a system a couple years back. There was a demonstration booth with 8 stations. The doctor that hooked me up to the EEG leads said I must be strong because anyone else with that much brain activity would be clinging to the ceiling screaming. I looked at the other stations at the feedback waves were only a tenth as on my screen.

As far that the feedback, it made symptoms worst.

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Can you remember any of your readings? I have high alpha and theta activity around my temples. Through neurofeedback I was able to reduce these significantly althought this took months of practice.

I wish I had been able to carry on as I was getting to the point where it felt like my brain was starting to relax and (this may sound weird) clean itself.

Wish the bloody NHS paid for it! I have paid enough tax in my time.

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Heh, Visual, I feel as though anyone of us hooked up to that machine would have gotten some strange readings. I believe the machines they use for neurofeedback are qEEG which what I believe would be most helpful in aiding the diagnosis of these disorders. Perhaps the reaction you got from the doctor would then translate to some kind of sympathy from people who dont have to live in those brainwaves.

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The feedback system was actually a 2 lead EEG (as compared to a full 26 lead unit) connected to a computer which displayed bars in different frequency bands (like an equalizer meter). It played music and would change the volume as a 'feedback' to respond to. There wasn't a number to read as far as I could tell.

The reading were wild compared to those around. The doctor strongly suggested I get my problem tested and resolved because the levels were not 'safe'. Was on10 mg valium and 100 tramadol at the time just so I could get out of bed. However, back home the doctors were so focused on anxiety and depression they would not do an EEG. A merciful doc gave me Gabapentin and after 2 doses (300mg each) things got much better. Had been loosing 3 lbs a week. Soon was taking 6 doses (1800mg/day). It took about 2 years to be able to get off. Tried a couple times but would end up curled in a ball again. Now, I can survive just on Sinemet but 300mg before bed makes the world a better place. In general, antiseizure meds help me think clearer but don't touch visuals or other stuff the Sinemet does.

I've had two major rounds of 'toxic' brain injury. This crap started with the secondary injury. The first cause the visual problems which are mostly cared for with Sinemet.

Biofeedback devices are supposed to be good. My trial aggravated problems. Perhaps that is more of problem of epileptic type issues, though have never been diagnosed as such. It seem a lot of people on the forum wonder if they have epilepsy, but it seems the actual definition of epilepsy is so ridged that even people that show abnormalities don't get diagnosed. Antiseizure meds are commonly used for brain injury even without epileptic diagnoses.

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