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I need an opinion

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So I got hppd from literally half a tab of lsd about 4-5 months ago. After I got it I smoked weed a little because I wasn't totally sure I had, but this made my symptoms worse. So about a month ago I decided to quit all drugs, and I will be quitting cigarettes soon too. My symptoms consist of: visual snow, mild afterimages, slight tracers, light sensitivity, anxiety and minor depression. I also have slight depersonalization but it's so minor to the point where I can ignore it. I was recently put on Zoloft for the anxiety, but I can't tell if it's making my visuals slightly worse. I would rate my hppd overall as mild, so I need an opinion on whether or not I should quit the Zoloft and go completely drug free for a year or so, because I'm really hoping if I do that the visuals will just go completely away on their own since my hppd is mild. Because I've heard some people's goes away with time if they quit drugs. Opinions?

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If Zoloft is making your symptoms worse you shouldn't stay on it. There are plenty of antidepressants out there, especially natural ones, that won't make your symptoms worse. If you're really depressed then you might want to keep taking them but from what I gather antidepressants won't interfere with your recovery. What will, however, is drugs. As long as you stay away from drugs and live a healthy lifestyle you'll give yourself a great chance at recovery, although it may take a while. 

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