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London Marathon affect on HPPD

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Today I finished the london marathon. My legs are fucked but my HPPD feels reduced. During the race there was a few times where I felt disconnected from my legs (actually not a bad thing lol) and had some bad derealization. As it got more painful on my legs I noticed more symptoms like trails, colour changing etc. I think that the stress I put on my body today caused a whole host of endorphins and hormones to be released and that directly affected my HPPD. Now I have finished the race my baseline symptoms seem a lot lower than normal which is very pleasing. I wonder if hard exercise could hold a potential treatment for hppd. Has anyone else noticed anything similar when doing strenuous exercise?

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i was taking 3- 5 hour walks (wasnt running though) through nature for about three month after my onset and always felt a bit better while and after it...my hppd is gone as you know...anyway i dont know if i could call this exercise and also if it is a reason why hppd faded...


the other thing is i dont think many people have the motivation to exercise with hppd/dp/dr..

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I want to run another obstacle course race one day (Tough Mudder or Spartan) and was actually wondering how the intense adrenaline and endorphins you end up feeling would impact HPPD. During the first 2 years exercise used to make my visuals worse right after but I would generally feel better long term. I do exercise a lot but it doesn't compare to the intensity of a marathon or obstacle course race where you get to the point of running on pure adrenaline. I was actually scared to get to that point because of not knowing the impact it would have on my HPPD but now I definitely want to do it.

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