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Clonazepam withdrawal

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I'm thinking about staying off it for a long time and then getting a repeat and only taking it once to twice a week (this drug is beneficial but side effects and addiction are not worth taking it daily)

I think taking it this way is worse than daily. The stuff will be going up and down in your blood, never stabilizing, causing withdrawals every week. You have to be consistent about the stuff, or just don't take it..........Least that's my experience.

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Funny, before my injury, used to take Xanax from time to time. Just a little amount was effective - 1/2 a 0.25mg pill. After the injury, it is like water - 5 pills does nothing. But then 10mg Valium helped a little for a few hours only ... whereas in the past it was useless. But Klonopin is helpful - but like most benzos, slow tapering is advisable.

The change seems revealing. There are 5 different types of benzo receptors. So each benzo med has its own particular affinity. The shift from anxiolytic to anticonvulsant is significant and indicates the very nature of the anxiety. Both Valium and Klonopin have strong anticonvulsant properties. Xanax is a weak anticonvulsant.

From a psychological angle, previously, all anxiety could be traced to thinking (even if buried deep). Now, this 'new' type is abstract ... without 'roots' in thinking. These 2 kinds of anxiety can feed each other - so both must be manages. Both Klonopin and Gabapentin (antiseizure meds) address the abstract anxiety.

Now that a couple years have passed, take only a little Gabapentin and rarely Klonopin. Xanax is useful again but really needed - at least it is better than water again.

Has anyone else noticed differences in their anxiety since HPPD (besides severity)? The very nature of their anxiety(ies)?

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so im on only my 4 or 5th day here tapering and already feeling more anxious tingling, insomnia and such and its craving lol. has anyone had experience with drinking during withdrawal or even how long to wait after your done tapering? im not an alcoholic anymore so i dont need it but occasional drink is good.

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you can't drink during benzo withdrawals or you just prolong them. Alcohol works on the gabba receptors just like benzo's. They're trying to reset during wd's so alcohol, other benzo's, ambien, sonata, you have to stay away from all of them or it's like taking percocet during morphine withdrawal. I know it sucks I've had that problem. Just check it out Benzobuddies.org

Hope you start feeling better soon

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