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My story and my treatment


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Hello everyone!

My name is Mark, I'm 24 years old from Israel. Im having HPPD for about 4 mounts now due to few months of combining lots of LSD & Cannabis smoking with some other drugs like MDMA, Mascaline, Oppiun and Cocain. I quit all illegal drugs exept Cannabis 4 months ago when started a new job. Soon after quiting i realized some LSD like feelings just did not pass. Mainly traces after everything that moves, floaters and waves. these effects got triplefold after smoking cannabis.

Not too long ago after having heavy anxiety attacks i attented to a doctor and she prescribed me for SSRI treatment. As i started this treatment i found out about the thing called HPPD throuh the web. i was taking these pills for 10 days but after reading in this forum that SSRI's may increase HPPD symptoms I went to an other doctor which is an expert for drug abuse treatment. Also with the help of this forum i decided to quit cannabis smoking as i realized i may damage myself much worse. Now i take my condition very seriously. i am a heavy daily cannbis smoker and i left this habbit behind me since yesterday mainly due to the information from the web and this forum that cannabis is strickly related to worsen HPPD.

The second doctor prescribed me for 'Wellbutrin XR 150mg'.

He said that the most importent thing is to stop using Cannabis!

I stopped smoking regular ciggarettes about an year ago but still i was mixing tabbaco with weed so my body is still addicted to nicotine, and for this reason i was smoking more weed (mixed with tabbaco) to reliefe nicotine craves.

He's suggestion was to stop Cannabis use, even if it means that i go back to ciggarettes smoking for some period. Wellbutrin sould lower my dependancy for nicotine after some while so for now if i wanna smoke go on and smoke tabbaco but get away from Cannabis. I took He's advice, and I'm back to smoking tabbaco and also today i took my first Wellbutrin Pill.

My aim is to finish my college degree in industrial engineering which i started just a week ago. Seems that i have a long way now for that aim as i have ADD, and now also HPPD. That same doctor also claimed that Ritalin also may increase HPPD symptoms so i would not use Ritalin as long as i still have HPPD.

My treatment plan would be:

-Cutting to zero cannabis use as from yesterday (or any other illigal drug use)

-Prescribed 'Wellbutrin XR 150mg' - 1 pill every morning (I dont know for how long yet. As the doctor suggests for the next visits)

-Cutting tabbaco use in a short time from now (Hopefully up to a month)

-Get daily exercise (Already joined for a gym)

-Yoga 2 times a week. (Already been in two sets on the pass week)

And that's all for now..

Will update as soon as i feel needed


I would like to give great thanks to the forum adminstors for being involved, informative, sencere, hopeful and helful!! It surely helps for folks all around the globe like myself and others where we need it.

Best wished for all!

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