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Dutch television program looking for people to talk about people with unrecovered brain damage which is causes from drugs.


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This message is meant for dutch people only.


Dear people,


First of all excuse me for my English language. I tried my best writing this as good as possible for you guys.


Yesterday I found a dutch talkshow looking for people to tell their story about those who got unrecovered brain damage from drugs use. Official facebook thread: https://www.facebook.com/SpuitenSlikken/photos/a.332876610099663.89909.332850190102305/1006906779363306/?type=3&theater


Examples they were talking about are: 


  • Sight getting disturbed by vibrant images.
  • Sight getting disturbed by visual snow
  • People that experience their own body or the world as weird 

The dutch talkshow is named ''Spuiten en slikken'' and I told them about HPPD which they are now really interested in.

For those who are interested in being there as a quest and talk about your hppd, please just pm me and I'll give you the contact details.


I'm a almost recovered HPPD person who was suffering from hppd for over 5 years.

I quit harddrugs (except alcohol and weed) for a long time now.

(I'm still on escitalopram for over a few years though)

Also I don't think a lot about hppd anymore which probably helped me the most.

I'm also focusing a lot on fitness in combination with healthy food which also is helping me a lot.


The reason I'm making this thread?

I want this hppd to be more famous so the doctors don't look at us in a weird way while we're talking about HPPD.

For the dutch people who want to talk about this subject can take their chances right now.

Spuiten en slikken is a famous dutch talkshow television program which will be live.


In case people are interested or have more questions please leave a reaction here and I'll try to reply as soon as possible.


Keep strong!

Best regards,




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