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Unintended clonazepam withdrawal

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I haven't gone into withdrawal yet, but I may be going into it very soon.


I was being absent minded and filled my last refill about a month ago shortly before meeting with my psychiatrist. During the appointment I forgot to ask for a refill since I wasn't planning on doing a taper until May at the earliest. Well, I completely forgot about it until today. I went to go refill it only to find out I had 0 refills left, which was just great <_< (should have checked awhile ago and put in for a refill request with my psychiatrist then). Anyways, I have a day's worth of clonazepam left which is not good.


So, today I left a message at my psychiatrist's office for a refill request, but it could take them up to 3 (business) days to send the request to the pharmacy, and it may not even be filled because my psychiatrist might want to see me before renewing the script, and my next appointment isn't scheduled until April 1st (though when I was away at a research internship I just did a phone consult with him for refills). Considering that the weekend is coming up, this is not a good position to be in. Usually when I'm out of whatever medicine and don't have an appointment scheduled anytime soon I just have the pharmacy fax in a request and get it later that day. Problem is, I don't think they do that with controlled substances (I could have sworn they've done that in the past though). Hopefully my request will be processed tomorrow and I'll be fine, if not, well...


I know it may take a couple days for withdrawal to kick in, but as we all know it could start much sooner than that. I'm not particularly worried about seizures since I'm on 400mg lamotrigine a day (still a definite risk though), but I'm definitely worried about the psychological symptoms and other physical symptoms.


So, any suggestions as to how I could potentially get a a temporary script to hold me over until my refill request gets processed (if it gets processed at all)? I know I could go to an urgent care clinic and get a temp script and I've done this before (I did this during the internship because that state where I was working and federal law doesn't allow for controlled substance prescriptions to be transferred over state borders), but this is frowned upon as I understand it at these clinics (plus it might make me look like a junkie trying to get my fix, but it probably won't if I bring in the bottle and they see the last filled date).



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I ended up going to the ER (urgent care turned me away). Doctor wasn't too fond of giving me a temp prescription, but since I had my actual prescription with me it added more legitimacy to my story (which was already legitimate to begin with). Where I live, there is a lot of drug use so a lot of addicts come into the ER asking for this and that just so they can get their fix, so the docs usually turn you away unless you're literally about to die from withdrawal (i.e alcohol withdrawal, benzo withdrawal).


Anyways, after that debacle I was able to get a hold of my doc and he put in another 6 month prescription for clonazepam.

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