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Here is a depiction

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Visual, that's what texts look like when I trying to read lol


Yes, movement of stationary things.  It has to do with coordination problems between the brains two visual processing systems: Ambient Visual Processing (movement, 'feel', peripheral) and Focal Visual Processing (detail, thought, central).  Note that "Movement of print on the page" is listed as part of Post Trauma Vision Syndrome, https://nora.cc/images/documents/brain-injury-and-hidden-visual-problems-patient-section.pdf


For homework (aauugghh) Google: 

Ambient Visual Processing

Focal Visual Processing

Post Trauma Vision Syndrome



Is this realy moving?

I never saw a ilusion pic that moves so insane like this

Can it worsen hppd? lol


It really isn't moving.  But by providing inconsistent contrast grading the cues are not natural, so the brain keeps trying to resolve the unresolvable.  So one goes round and around ...





Too bad we can't find a set of images that would hypnotize one back to 'normal'.



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