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Imipramine in an anticholinergic as well as antidepressant.  


Asked doc for Benzatropine since that fixes DR for a guy (dpselfhelp.com) who is taking OCD meds.  Doc thought it might be too strong and prescribed Imipramine first.  It helped depression for about 1 day, lol.  TCAs work fast, unlike SSRIs, but usually have more side effects because they are 'dirty' (affect many neurotransmitters).


In the end got Benzatropine which was helpful but only for a few days - kind of the same way antihistamines are effective for a few days then you have to cycle off.


The anticholinergic effect might be helpful for visual snow as well as non-visual things like muscle spasms.  Keppra is mentioned a lot on this sight, and while not an anticholinergic, it does affect acetylcholine.


The Imipramine made vision less sharp (which all serotonin increasing med do for me).  But it is not likely to be harmful.  Take a lot of an anticholinergic and it starts to mess with memory and concentration, but it can also be sedative/calming.  They are used for low dopamine (PD) to balance the two.  If you have low dopamine and then take something to increase acetylcholine, not only will you have muscle spasms, but you will be delirious with anxiety.


I find all of these help DR a little but not worth the side effects.  But use a little Keppra at bedtime to help sleep.

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