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thiamine cocarbolxylase works great for VS. Mine is reduced for 80% if not more.


This is great that it is helping.  Thank you for trying ... although the REAL thanks is that it is working.  I see that you got the specific product that I use - that helps to verify the test a little better.


Please post more info in the TC thread  http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/5027-thiamine-cocarboxylase/   (I don't have VS so its exciting to see that it helps people with that symptom too!)

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i will try it soon to see if it helps anxiety or cognitive functionality in general..even though i dont have hppd anymore, it might be helpful for my anxiety issues


Great!  Sincerely hope you (and others) benefit.


Had been using a specific combination of 3 dopamine agonists to maintain cognitive and emotional (depression/anxiety/agitation) issues.  The 2nd day on TC, dropped one med.  While there are some specific cognitive issues without that med, am more emotionally stable and actually feel a 'happiness/peace' that haven't felt in 10 years with the TC.  Will eventually reintroduce the 3rd med at a lower dose but am giving the thiamine deficiency time to get better - its been 6 weeks now and each week is a little better.  At some point it should plateau, but for now its gradual and subtle improvement.  Currently taking 6 mg / day (4 pills of that product).

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