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Reikie or energy work

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I tried reiki for the first time earlier this week. I went out of curiousity really, and because I like the idea of doing reiki shares and wanted to explore this. I found it really relaxing - also a couple of times I clearly experienced 'energy' moving in parts of my body. I felt pretty amazing for the rest of the day, physically and emotionally. I don't have any issues that I derectly associate with HPPD anymore, so I can't comment on that. Unfortunately the therapist was a bit sketchy and tried to use tricksy sales techniques on me to buy more treatments so I won't be returning. I am not sure about finding another therapist - I enjoyed the experience and found it really healing, but right now I am getting into meditation and yoga and like the idea of being in control of my own healing and experience instead of paying someone else for it. It was a really interesting experience though.

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