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Progressive Symptoms


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Does anyone here have what they would class a severe and progressive case?

The rate at which my vision has deteriorated over the past few months is terrifying me. I now see thick VS over everything in my field of vision, I can barely watch TV, look at a computer screen, or focus on anything at all. All my other symptoms, trails, starbursts, double vision have got so much worse too.

My life is now spent in constant discomfort because of this. I really don't know what to do.

Has anyone else experienced such an intense progression of symptoms? It seems to be getting worse every day too. My anxiety is under control but I need some relief...

The only drug I did was smoke a bit of weed 10 years ago, could this even be HPPD?

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I doubt it's hppd man. There's definitely some other factors at play. Wish I know what they were not only to help you but myself as well.

What meds have you used

Have you tried benzos?

The only thing that I feel really diminishes my snow is when I take a zoplicone at the end of the day. It calms everything down. It's a sleep med but it makes my symptoms not nearly as bad. In fact if they could find a way to keep the effects without the sleepiness this would be a great med to take (although I'm aware it's just as bad as a benzo)

Keep fighting bud it won't be like this forever

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