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Yep because memory los and its take a lot sesions wich can be exausted and its posible geth no results buth its medical aproved so you can go for a shot

If you have a healty life style and dont recover from depression then i should go for a shot

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Hah trip in to hell. That is how they did it ages ago. Search some more for ect on YouTube.

Ive read that ect also helps People with parkinsons and other mental disorders.

Umit I agree with you. My lifestyle is boring the only things I do I smoke alot and take an snri and a little bit benzo. Besides that nothing, no alcohol or drugs.

I can.imagine its exhausting, but it does work for depression which exhauses too.

The only thing is hppd is a whole other story then a depression and it might get iversable worse, thats Why I ask here.

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