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Mirror trails

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I have it, especially at night. It can make driving very terrifying. But yeah, I definitely know what you're talking about. This is so nice that people understand! Thank you guys! I've noticed stress and anxiety make it worse too. I've tried meditating but too many visuals when I close my eyes. Any advice?

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Found some stuff about it saying that the eye is damaged etc... But in our case HPPD isn't it more of a neurological damage?

Also do all HPDDers suffer from ghost images? Not constant double imagine, but reflection double image?




thanks for the info..i have read the link...cause my hppd and dp/dr are long over but i still have very slight ghosting, it is hepful to know its just a hardware problem...i will see what i can do to fix this and see a doctor...even though its not bothering me at all in dayly life.

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