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hppd from different types of drugs


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I'm curious to hear from people about what drug or drugs it is they have gotten hppd from, what the effects were, and if you have had hppd from multiple drugs then how they compared. 


   In my case, I've had hppd from quite a few things. The first drug that really gave me hppd was DPH (diphenhydramine) AKA benadryl. If you don't know what this does then pretty much it's the most realistic bad trip you could have and that's the only thing it can do. After abusing this drug for a very long time extremely frequently and at high doses I had started to get the effects of the drug off of it too. I was seeing spiders and shadow people out of the corners of my eyes for about 6 months or more after stopping it all together but it may be because I was using dxm at the time as well.

Now dxm I had a VERY strong mental addiction to and the hppd I got from this made me feel like I was controlling my body from the outside. I'd often be looking at beautiful things and then patterns would form from the scenery. My mind seemed to work at a completely different level and it made me believe I had some sort of power or that I was god though that last thing faded first before all the other things did. After I stopped doing this I started doing psychedelics such as lsd and 2cb and nbomes.

   I enjoyed the hppd I had in the past and I enjoyed the hppd I had from the psychedelics as well until one day I decided to stupidly take 1.2mg of 25c and 1.6mg of 25-I nbomes in a combo. During the trip the muscle tension must have caused my shoulder to cause a sharp pain when I moved my arm, and because I was tripping and tripping on nbome of all things I started to believe my heart was going to fail because of the reports of vasoconstriction I had read up on. The vasoconstriction from this drug was extremely bad for me so it was easy to convince myself I needed medical care when I was, in fact, fine. After this trip for many months I had multiple panic attacks daily, the only thing that helped it was doing dxm, and I could not let myself fall back into that abuse because of a mental thing.

   I was actually able to get over my daily panic attacks during a trip on 25c alone. However, this still left me with a near constant anxiety, a pressure in my head and eyes, constant feelings of body failure because of normal pains that have become amplified, feeling like I am going to die whenever I do another substance (this doesn't keep me from it and I sort of find it enjoyable during a trip like a sort of thrill ride), grandiose delusions, acting sociopathic, Being either overly emotional or non-emotional, visual disturbances, mentally feeling like I'm in a trip, visual snow, enhanced colors, seeing the world like a cartoon, feeling out of connection with other humans (yet more connected with animals), having a better understanding of my own thinking (this is positive and negative), and feeling like all the worlds answer are just seeping into my head.


How about you? What drugs gave you hppd?

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Not going to name every drug I've tried but just the main ones that contributed to my HPPD. I first got HPPD from 5 months of LSD use between January to June 2014. I tried weed once and then straight to other stuff. Sometimes used LSD 5 days in a row at my worst. I did shrooms too but not very often. The first signs appeared after some of my last trips but I didn't think much of it since it was summer time and I had a great summer but I did have depression and headaches which started around February 2014 and I remember I had ALOT of headaches back then. Didn't notice the visuals until June which was when I stopped all drug use and I was wondering why I was still seeing shit and I had some but not severe trouble reading texts or processing what people were saying to me. I ended up forgetting about it most of the time but when sophomore year of high school started, I really noticed how impaired my mind was. Couldn't understand what teachers were saying so I was constantly asking them to go over shit again. At this time (October to November 2014), I was at the most suicidal time of my life and in November 2014, I had my most recent and last LSD trip and after that I only took edibles. In April 2015 I was tired of only weed so I researched online to see if I could trip on Diphenhydramine for a "cheap high" since I lost access to other stuff. Turned out diphenhydramine can cause hallucinations in high doses so I tried it at first with 150mg. That didn't do much so I started increasing the dose to 250 then to 300mg. Other drugs made me feel free but diphenhydramine enslaved me. The trips were weird but I liked it. a day after I had done DPH, a friend asked me some questions and mentioned HPPD which he also had and it brought everything back to my attention then he showed me this forum. Unfortunately I was retarded and still did diphenhydramine like 5 more times after that. July 2015 was the time when I jumped the dose to 400-425mg and repeated the dose 3 nights in a row and that's when diphenhydramine completely took me to hell. I ended up getting full blown depersonalization and HPPD symptoms got much worse. I was still stupid and did it more in August. In late August I smoked weed again and then the next day I tried Molly. Got more depersonalized and HPPD got worse as expected. I have such a problem with peer pressure lol. I think I should avoid everyone on 4/20 lol. Sorry for the long paragraph but yeah that's as much as I'll share I don't like writing a lot anymore. Typing that didn't give me a panic attack like it usually did but it made me depressed. I'm 5 months sober now though but I still feel like getting high much of the time

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