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Quit School ?

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So I got kicked out of my school for possession of a controlled substance which was not my prescription but I can possibly return next year. This has been a hard week cuz the meds made me an emotional wreck and now I'm still depressed and very depersonalized plus the entire situation feels like it never happened and I'm having trouble processing what even happened. If they don't let me transfer to the other school, which is one of the best in the area, I might just either quit and focus on recovery or get my GED and go to college early which to me is a great opportunity to get my flunked year back. I don't know what to do cuz I want to recover but I also want to be successful. This is hard

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maybe you have to change your definition of ''being successful''....dont think that having a great graduation or job is everything what matters in life...cause thats what others tell you..but is this really what you want!? doing what others want you to do to proof that youre good enough for them.


i have no work dont go to school or anything..and im happier than ever before in my life...dont care what others say..they dont know what life is really all about..and i tell you one thing..its not about going to school, getting a job, working hard starting a family and dying....life means much more it has to be fun, enjoyable and fascinating..if its not, youre doing something wrong.

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But how are you enjoying life if you don't work or go to school ? Do your parents or friends let you live with them?


1. my self- confidence is not depending on the favour of others..that only stops me from being me and feeling free

2. my parents dont think its a good way to live but they accept that i prefer to live that way and they dont get on my nerves anymore or think i need a job or so..theyve learned it slowly..but they did

3. my friends have the same lifestyle..cause they realized that they are slaves of the system if they support it.

4. just because one has no work or school to go to that doesnt mean that there is no sense in life..just do what you like and instead of distracting yourself with supporting the goals of some boss out there

    (wasting your time), find your own goal and interest in life....have a plan or you will be part of someone elses plan...

5. and friends or family are worth nothing if they only accept you if you go to work or school

6. the very fact that you can not imagine to be accepted or having a meaning in life without serving someone is a sign of how much the system has formed your moral concept...i was once thinking the same

   ..until i woke up (thanks to psychedelics) and realized what others want me to do is not what really matters for me...these days i wish i would have noticed it much earlier.

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