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Experiences with Kava


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Hi guys,


I'm new to this Forum and I'm having HPPD since about four months now.

In a few threads I read about Kava and some people on here really seemed to love it, as it gives them a chance to relax without using Benzos.

So I ordered some Instant Kava powder (from a shop that was recommended by many people in the Kava Forums). I just tried a very small dose for the taste and I'm not sure if this aggrevated my symptoms. I really didn't expect any effect, and with this dose normally there wouldn't be one, but after some minutes I got more nervous and the optics seemed to get more noticable. However, my HPPD tends to increase/decrease randomly so it could really be a coincidence but I haven't tried the Kava since that.


So I wanted to ask you if you have any experience with Kava. From what I read (mostly from Onedayillsailagain), Kava does not have negative effects on HPPD. However, as we know everybody seems to react differently to different things...


Have a nice Week,



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Nope, it seems like it's not addictive at all, many alcoholics even use it to fight their addiction!
Here's the link to the Kava Forums FAQ: http://kavaforums.com/forum/brdc-document/frequently-asked-questions.1/


Apparently Kava has been used for many hundreds if not thousands of years in the south pacific without any negative effects. Kava is banned in Europe because of its supposed liver-toxicity. Though there really have been cases of liver damage after using Kava-based medicine, it is almost certain that the damage came from badly made medicine (seems like they added leaves from the Kava plant which are poisonous).


I'm not sure if I should give it another go right now as my exams are about to begin and it would be pretty bad to have my symptoms increased, even for a couple of days. On the other handy, if it works as it should, this would be great for the pre-exam stress ;)

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I've taken kava many times in the form of tea, has helped me a lot with anxiety I would take it in a need to basis whenever I felt anxiety, instant relief. Don't believe it effected my visuals, stopped taking it because idk it can be expensive and I just forgot, safe though

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I didn't even know there was Kava tea. @RheGman6072: Why did you stop using it? Didn't it work?

@Mr.50's: Did you then find something better than kava? Or did you feel better and stopped using anything?


So gave the instant powder another try two nights ago. At first I was really excited and a bit worried that I would react badly. But after a couple of minutes I felt very relaxed. Also I couldn't get anxious, even if I tried  :lol: . I felt a bit floaty and the effects lasted for about an hour, then I went to sleep. Btw I only used half a teaspoon again, which is really little, so I guess by taking more I can intensify the effects. 
I will definitely do this again, probably with a higher dose, depending on how I feel.

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