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I just talked a freshman from my school out of doing LSD. I was so scared for him when I got the message saying he was planning to try LSD and I flipped out. I called him an idiot and told him about HPPD and depersonalization and how I got it and I guess that made him change his mind. Unfortunately he is a pothead and has done DXM and other stuff but he doesn't have HPPD but he could get it if he does LSD !

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you are right taking psychedelics (not only lsd) a person is much more likely to develop hppd and/or dp/dr but he could also aquire it through the consumption of various other substances...its a russian roulette and depends on the individual...


the theory is that most hppd and dp/dr is caused by bad trips which are caused by bad settings, overdoses, negative past or bad psychic predisposition.


maybe you saved him but if he will try it even though one day, he will remember your words..this could lead him into anxiety on his trip resulting in a bad trip which increases the risk of getting hppd or dp/dr


...so lets just hope that he will never do it

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