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Buspirone a possibility

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So I had yet another appointment and I saw a doctor (forgot what he is called) who can prescribe meds. He was like "eeehhh" on the Keppra but I brought up Buspirone and he was very open to Buspirone and said it is commonly used with their patients. He said he would look up Keppra and lamotrigine relations to HPPD but he doesn't seem that open to those two. It could be a while before the decisions are made.

But the problem is that they need my mom's approval to put me on Buspirone and/or Keppra because she has sole custody of me. She can probably ruin everything and not allow the doc to prescribe me Keppra or Buspirone since she is very against meds. If I do get this stuff prescribed, I could lose my privilege to learn how to drive and possibly get my stuff taken away. She does not care if it is addictive or not she will either not allow me to get these meds or she might punish me for getting them prescribed

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