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avoid fluoride

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i dont know but after my hppd went away i was wondering what could be the reason that one has it forever or several years and iothers beat hppd within a few month or 1 year...and i remember that since i had hppd i avoided fluoride the best i could...i think it has to do with my cure since fluoride is a strongly underestimated poison and present in allmost everything wie use everyday like food water, cleaners and even medication + its not even listed on most products.....its almost impossible to avoid it completely...i just read that there is no water for for sale out there that doesnt contain fluoride....


that makes me go crazy i want to ban fluoride and other toxins completely from my life..and i recommend the same to all of you...


any ideas?

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watch the video and youll see its actually a rat poison and it kills life where ever it is, nevertheless its told to be good for your teeth (its in your toothpaste) even though the opposite is the case...the government was doing a great job to make sure that its almost everywhere and you cant completely avoid it as far as i know cause its in toothpaste, water, tap water, several foods and meds  but reducing it is possible i avoided meat, dairy products, so called medication and i dont buy my toothpaste im creating it myself (my teeth look way better now and i didnt have to go to the dentist since then)...the problem is that fluoride cant be discarded by your body its a poison that stays with you and it calcifies your pineal gland and the result is a disruption with your cognition and intelligence... it makes you dying early and turns us into willingless slaves who wont question anything....it has never proven that fluoride can be good for us but that it makes you sick in multiple ways is well proved...remember that if you have an overdose of fluoride you need to call an ambulance...which is just a few milligrams, how can this be good for us in whatever dosage ...


if you would like to know some more read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluoride_toxicity


im still looking for ways to avoid it completely but i have found ways to decalcify my body from fluoride using specific naturals like curcuma etc.

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This is very interesting. I live in the states and all water here is fluoridized. I have been wanting to nix it 100 percent recently-- it's been on my mind. If I am successful at managing myself 100 percent fluoride free (I live in an area I should be able to purchase FF water) About how long might I see results in a lessening I'd HPPD symptoms of successful? ? and I eat mainly 100 percent organic raw plant based. I was 100 percent raw vegan for almost 1 year about 8 years ago and to say my physical and mental health improved significantly would be an underestimate. I still had horrible habits not germane to the lifestyle which included fluoride toothpaste and other toxic substances outside of diet alone. I do want to try again and do it properly. How long do you suspect I might see results with HPPD after the ommition of fluoride? How long after you restricted the chemical did you see improvement?? (I have had non drug induced HPPD since early childhood and have always lived in the USA and drank tap water here all througy childhood but only one of siblings to have hppd. Have never taken drugs or any psychedelics. Non smoker nondrinker etc.)

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i cant say how long it would take and at what level it affects hppd in people but its messing with your brain and body so you should do your best to stay away from it anyway like everyone else..its a poison...if i compare your situation to mine i guess about 3 month after you should feel way better and maybe you could use decalcifying and ngf foods to speed up the process a little and be patient cause it takes some time...i dont know how much it really improves the situation for everybody but my vision started to get a little better after the first month of reducing it..


you should also avoid iodine, arsenic and glutamate...just for general health even though most people claim some/all of these substances are good or harmless...they make you sick

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