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HPPD=stress=lowered immune system


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One thing I have noticed since I got HPPD is my immune system sucks. I have cutaneous hsv-1 that I got from wrestling in highschool and now I have constant outbreaks. I basically have to take valtrex daily to keep in check. before i would get maybe 3 outbreaks a year. Also a few weeks ago I got shingles, never had it before but its also viral. I think theres a lot of evidence of stress lowering your immune system.


does anyone else get sick more or have any more health problems since they got HPPD assuming it stresses you out?

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Used to get 3 long nasty respiratory infections every winter.  And occasional cold-sores (HSV-1) since childhood.


Chronic stress reduces immune response.  Stress response is supposed to be brief ... fight or flight from the problem and then back to life.  During stress, the Sympathetic nervous system become stimulated whereas the Parasympathetic system shuts down - afterall how important is digesting ones food or resolving an infection when a lion is about to devour you?


To my surprise, since starting Sinemet I don't get colds and maybe one blister every three years.  Dopamine is involved in the immune system and increasing it has clearly helped me.


Not saying you need more dopamine.  And at glancing at your symptom list it doesn't stand out.  At first pass I'd just say it is stress.  Also, getting docs to prescribe these meds is annoying.  



Short version: being stressed out makes one sicker but my meds greatly reduce sickness.

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What's weird for me is that I started abusing allergy medicine (diphenhydramine) and took really high doses. The hppd got way worse but I hardly ever get allergies anymore. Except for the past few days I have had the flu. Even though I get really stressed, my immune system is actually better than it use to be

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I have noticed that since I have had HPPD I have been catching way more colds and flu viruses. Also my contact lens optician said I had had a bacterial infection of my cornea as scaring was left behind. This is another sign of being immunocomprimised since I have very good hygiene / care with my contact lenses. I think it's a secondary problem caused by both stress and lack of sleep caused by the HPPD.

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