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No Phone = Less Anxiety

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seems like my dp/dr has been getting better for the past week but i was holding off on posting cuz i was afraid it would end up being another one of those "spoke too soon" moments . I've actually been able to feel slight happiness again. I started hanging out with an old friend of mine again and it's so much better being around him while sober. Unfortunately when i get mad i still tend to go off on people and it feels like it's not even me throwing all the insults out. Been cussing out 3 people on the phone and going mentally insane when i get pissed off. My phone got taken away by the school so I've been doing everything on the computer which really is annoying cuz it looks like its melting. I thought my phone got stolen so i was freaking out and pointing fingers but the school officials actually opened my locker and took the phone. But i think going the next 2 weeks without my phone should calm me down. I have been going over 24 hours without my phone and it seems to actually help the anxiety less severe since i am almost completely separated from the outside world. For the next 2 weeks i wont be really active cuz i only have access to a computer 3 times a week plus i dont really like the computer version of this website. 

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