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2nd Appointment : better than first time

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so I had started over and saw another adolescent drug specialist. this person was more understanding. I told them I have taken LSD, smoked weed, ecstasy (once) and high doses of diphenhydramine but left some stuff out. I asked for keppra, lamictal and lomerizine. I told her that there is a keppra study that proves it is known to help people with HPPD and DP/DR but I didn't have it so I told them that I "self medicated" and got Keppra from another person (didn't mention any names, actually made up a name) and that it made it much easier to focus and took away some anxiety. This woman was open to keppra and I might see a psychiatrist next time. turns out that this doctor has had many people coming in asking about lamictal and keppra

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