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Seizures going with HPPD

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I'm new here and I'll start with telling you my HPPD story.


Some weeks ago I took a psychedelic which was sold to me as LSD. I'm almost 100% sure, that it wasn't. Visuals were miles away from what I experienced on LSD before and I got strong seizures/cramps. Their intensity was proportional to the visions I got. Since this date I have HPPD. I see bright colors extremely enhanced and I can differ colors which seem the same for others.


One week later I took 170µg of real LSD. The trip was usual like my previous ones, but at the three hour mark things changed. The visuals from the other substance started to kick in again. The worst part was that I got these seizures again and they lasted for some days after the trip.


Two other weeks later I tried a microdose of 20µg LSD and the seizures and slight visuals started again. I also noticed that coffeine causes slight seizures and that my right eye feels dry and overstrained since I took the unknown substance.


Now I fear that it could get worse and that it could cause any damage to my health, because the seizures feal so unhealthy. And I don't think it's possible to see colors that much enhanced for such a long time without any sideeffects.


Do you know what could help or do you have an idea how these seizures are caused? Please let me know, I'm really concerned about it.

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one thing i know is i had my hppd from an overdose of mushrooms and had it pretty bad for about 4 1/2 month..now its over...dont obsess about it even though its hard to ignore the visuals..try to see this as tripping for free somehow and distract yourself by doing something you always liked +  stop taking drugs and avoid altered states..what helped me was valerian and lavender or even passion flower...eating healthy and think positive...try all your best but dont think you can win the battle by fighting...you have to give up and accept it before there is any chance of winning the game...and even then you have to hang in in this position for a long time...i know its very tough..but you can beat it...good luck and all the best     

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Thank you but these seizures aren't like tripping for free. The visuals aren't a problem. I wished it were just visuals.

Today I got seizures/spasms the first time without taking LSD and caffeine. It seems like the HPPD is growing to a level were I'll experience it permanently. I'm worried it could get worse or that I could get an heart attack. I couldn't find any information regarding HPPD and physical suffering. Some ideas or any help here?

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man i had physical suffering too...and it was also pretty strong...and yes you're right physical suffering is not mentioned in the dsm when it comes to hppd...when i had my onset i also realized that what i got isnt just hppd..there must be something else and i realized that i had an anxiety disorder which caused me tramendous suffering and both hppd and the anxiety disorder started at the same time...i suggest you look up anxiety disorder symptoms cause the fear of having a heart attack is very typical for anxiety disorders as many others...i remember that i went through several checks due to numerous health issues i thought i may have (including the fear of a heart attack) with no result...it never happened


° really...even if you think its bullshit...and you dont believe me...just look up anxiety disorders..everything you can find...it sounds very similar to your problem..even i thought it cant be true first but i found myself in the description of the anxiety disorder and the reports of many sufferers.


° and anyway...no matter if you have anxiety or hppd or both...try the naturals i recommended they arent addictive and really help to calm down


° what kind of seizure are you talking about?


° how well and how long do you sleep?

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Thank you again for your time and effort!


I think it's quite possible I have an anxiety disorder since I took the substance, because I feel desperate and hopeless sometimes. I tried lavender tea yesterday and it felt like it made my seizures a little bit worse and i got problems with sleeping the first time since one or two weeks ago.


I normally sleep 7 to 9 hours during the week and up to 12 hours on weekends.


The seizures are mainly in hands, legs and the chest. They are permanent, but changing place. I started taking magnesium + potassium, which helps a lot, but not completely.


Could it be epilepsy? I read that one symptom of epilepsy is light sensitivity, which reminds me of my color enhancement. I also notized that the color enhancement starts not until some minutes passed after I wake up.

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lavender tea didnt do it for me since the teas you can buy dont contain enough lavender to really take effect + the teas mostly contain other substances which can have bad effects on anxiety sufferers...maybe try pure lavender oil...i used lasea (prepared lavender oil capsules) or take valerian....if that doesnt help maybe a microdose of kratom does the trick.


your sleeping patterns sound pretty normal and healthy...do you have nightmares or very real dreams and would you say your sleep is restful?


are your seizures like muscle twitching or something similar?...i still dont understand what you mean exactly by seizures.


light sensitivity can be a result of many things and what you describe doesnt sound like epilepsy to me...since you never had an epileptic seizure..it would be much more serious.


anyway im not a professional...go to a doctor just to be sure...

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My sleep is very restful, I didn't have any nightmares or such very real dreams.


When I have those seizures or what it is, my muscles don't move. It's just pain like if my muscles or nerves were pulled apart.


I'll see a doctor soon, thank you anyways!

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Regarding seizures, it is believed that HPPD is a seizure like disorder, but not entirely. However, I've had episodes of blacking out, losing track of time, spacing out, and very odd episodes of "inter-consciousness" (that's what I call them) where it feels like I'm sleeping yet I'm still completely aware of my surroundings aside from sight (it just goes black). This isn't related to sleep deprivation or poor sleep either since I've had days where I've gotten little to no sleep and have not had these sorts of episodes, and there have been days where I've had an awesome night of sleep yet have an episode.


When I explained this to my psychiatrist he said it's either one of things, 1) plain ol' dissociation as a result of my multiple disorders or 2) temporal lobe epilepsy. So, I was referred to a neurologist specializing in seizure disorders whom I met with today. Went through all the standard tests, only failed the walking heel to toe test, the knee jerk test (not sure what it's called, you know what I'm talking about), and the follow my finger with your eyes test (could barely follow the guy's finger and even lost track of it at one point and just stared into space until he snapped me out of it). Also, during the eye test I had to fight the urge to move my head, like I cold feel my muscles wanting to move, but I had to fight back.


Anyways, I'm scheduled for an EEG and an MRI. I'm sure the EEG is going to come back saying I have epilepsy, but I think the MRI will be negative.


My two cents and best of luck to y'all.

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HPPD is a constellation of problems, 'epilepsy-like' being one.  If you review some of the posts relating to Dr Abraham's work you'll see that he did qEEG studies which revealed that HPPDers suffer a continual pre-seizure-like state, the evidence being 'coherence' - the neurological equivalent of cross-talk (for those who are familiar with electronics and/or hi-fi audio).  


Another piece of the HPPD puzzle often involves dopamine regulation.  This is so in several ways and a bit complex for one thread (but if you read my old posts, I blat on a lot about dopamine's roles).  However for this thread, dopamine and acetylcholine are involved in muscle control and spasms.  Spasms may wax/wane in severity, which doesn't specifically mean seizure.  This is common with people who suffer Parkinson's Disease (PD).


When studying neurological disorders, it is the custom (because of being so useful) to compare with known, better-understood disorders.  For HPPD, I find models of seizure disorders as well as PD quite useful.  You can find these two mentioned together (under ‘coherence’) See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neural_oscillation  - “ Neural oscillations also play an important role in many neurological disorders, such as excessive synchronization during seizure activity in epilepsy or tremor in patients with Parkinson's disease


Also, learning about memory - specifically the various types of short-term memory - is useful.  For example, it explains positive-after-images … for lastly (in this post), HPPD is a disorder affecting performance of systems and communication between them.  In neurology, these systems are called 'Nucleus' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nucleus_(neuroanatomy).  And ‘memory’ involves groups of neurons coordinating related information.



So … what can one learn from this regarding seizure/spasms?  Medications used for seizure, specifically Klonopin, have been used to 'manage' HPPD.  In this case, anti-seizure meds such as Gabapentin may help reduce spasms.  As for the PD 'model', meds that increase dopamine may help.  Also, those that reduce or modulate acetylcholine may help such as Keppra or anticholinergics.  (Note that acetylcholine is in involved in both memory and PD – a tie in for all three areas mentioned above).


Hopefully this will help you in managing spasms with meds.  They can be painful, even injuring muscles and tendons.  The rest of the info kind of depends on how much one wants to egg-head HPPD.  Unfortunately, doctors are not very familiar with it - most never even have heard of it.

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My advice for two of you:

1. everything that visual said

2. try ketogenic diet.. it is bound to make you feel better, calm your brain down and possibly reduce the seizures (keto diet has been used for people with seizures).

its a hard diet to sustain, if you are a carbs/love craving person like me, but if you got symptoms as bad as seizures, im sure it will give you the motivation to keep up the diet. 

let us know how these work for you

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  • 6 months later...

At the onset of HPPD (1981) I tried excercise and particularly running.  After about 5 minutes I'd get a blinding headache in my temples accompanied by a throbbing black blindspot in the centre of my vision.  I took up running about 10 years later which was fine, though the blindspot sometimes reappeared.  About 5 years ago I was working out at the gym with an instructor.  I got the blindspot, told her I needed a rest.  I told her what was happening and the blindspot grew and grew until her whole face disappeared.  The next thing I knew I was in an ambulance.  Someone who was there who has a sister with epilepsy said I had a grand mal seizure.  I'm very careful now when I excercise but this has been persistant.  The throbbing in the blindspot moves with my heartbeat.

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