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Hi folks

Fairly new to the forum, had HPPD 20 years after taking LSD four times as a teenager. Managed to battle through without meds and have a normal life - but now trying to find out all I can about this condition, for the first time really.

I've learnt that drugs don't mix. But what are people's experiences with alcohol?

Has anyone noticed any improvement after giving it up for good?

I've always drank pretty heavily at weekends - is there a chance that can make HPPD permanently worse?

I notice my visuals get a lot worse with a hangover, but feel it's sort of worth it, as I do enjoy a few drinks at the end of the week to relax. And actually, I feel it even reduces symptoms at the time.

Sorry if this is going over old ground, but I'm a late-comer in exploring HPPD ... I've spent most of the last 20 years in denial I think.

Cheers, and have a good weekend people :-)

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For what it's worth, I'm 35 now and have always drunk alcohol - in various amounts. And my HPPD got steadily better over the years - until this year when I stupidly took cocaine a few times and had a bit of a relapse.

I suspect alcohol is not a major worry - but would like to hear more from others.

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Alcohol definitely does not help with the improvement of HPPD. 

In my experience it caused me to have an increase in hallucinations/visuals almost like I was on a full blown LSD trip. It also gave me much heavier visual snow for the weeks after.


As for the post above, cocaine is known to be one of the worst things for hppd. I read it on another forum with many people testifying how they wished they never did it. I'm not exactly sure though, but perhaps something for you to look into. It might help the next time you feel the need to relapse :)


Thing is, anything in alteration of your brain will make hppd worse or slow down your improvement. That includes even cigarettes.

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