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Some visuals disappearing, others seem worse

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In the past week, I have no longer been seeing colors flashing at me, slight trailing, tracers and I had a bunch of other visuals which I have never been able to describe.

The visuals I still have are :

• visual snow

• walls breathing, melting or completely moving

• when reading, the texts seem to spread as if they are all floating in water and moving

• afterimages which really are annoying when I'm trying to read

• halos around bright objects such as my phone but only in the dark. If I shine the phone flashlight at myself, I see a "rainbow halo" if you know what that is. The halos seem a lot worse. I don't think I should be seeing halos stick out like 6 inches from my phone

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Brandon i am afraid it wil just continue some symptoms will fade and some wil worsen continue in like waves like me before your best changes are do somthing help full to avoid your visuals its easy said buth i thought i have no options i just continue doing sport its let you feel great and only with this way has my symptoms improved dont worry your visuals wil not worsen after you done

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why are you telling us about it...i even ask myself why you are on this forum..what are your hopes from posting here...i just cant understand why you always post the same shit but never really take advice..it starts to be annoying slowly + symptoms are not likely to decrease when you constantly talk or think about them ...what is the sense in all this

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that was not quite correct...i mean obsessing over it makes it worse..not just thinking...but it doesnt matter you know what im talking about


and you dont remember?? are you serious..you always talk about having an appointment or getting meds or worsening of symptoms etc...thats not new for me, you started a bunch of topics about the more or less same things...best evidence is that i registered on hppdonline much earlier than you and you still have about a 100 posts more than me + not to forget how many topics you started i dont even come close to that.


its not very useful..i mean do what you need to do..but its not my business anymore and i ask myself how long it takes that even no one else will take you serious anymore.

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I found something very interesting food thats contains high complex carbonhydrates hase improve my visuals so good i never found something thats work so good its day 4 and still geth better i am waiting a longer time to conforim it

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