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What works?

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Deanxit is working for me i can live a normal live with it buth if try to quit i feel hppd worsening 10 times more my doctor told me because of dopamine rebound so i am stuck i thought i was cured with adding sport in my live buth i was miss so i think i need to take for the rest of my live i gues

Buth cure hppd is also olmost inposible without meds atleast i have a normal live with my med whitout it maybe i did suiciede already

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Yea it think it make it wors buth i have no choice its was to insane for me and i goth real hallunisations atleast now when i am on it i live close to normal life

Buth i dont know if it was a good choice it was posibel whitout it i could not surive i think and for keppra there is no real evidence if its actualy works so better you can explain your sitiuation to your doc and see if anti psygotics are a good choice for you if you can handel it on your own then better not

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Ok i immeadly feel the goof effects in the other way the side effect was awfull to so its was better with the med then without it

buth i think to its have worsen my hppd in other way buth i didnt know that i had hppd

after 1 year i found i had hppd so when i try to quit its feel more insane than ever

Finaly when i aded some intensive sport i finaly become close to normal after 6 months i am glad you didnt continue antipsychotics because its harm more than its heals i gues with in time

I tryed again a few days ago its fucking insane without it 2 days and its show what it did in my brain

And yea i did try keppra to buth just 2 months buth didnt was hopefull its gonna work when i am on anti psygotics

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Yes i was for 6 months now i am on deanxit for 1.5 years buth i didnt know that anti psychotics are worse for us it took me 1 year before i know it buth now iam pretty okay buth i wil try to quit with risperdal drops it wil be double hell i gues hppd and tapering off med if its to hard i gues i wil add some klonopin if still not wil work then just i wil try 2 years later or just all my life i wil take it maybe there just no way back for me

Buth atleast its works for me and my hppd dont go anymore worse thanks of i doing lot of sports and i olmost dont have dr dp anymore

Buth i dont know how wil be my hppd when i am finaly of my med one day

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