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Stress really fucks things up

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So the past few days has been terrible with my parents after I unleashed hell on them because they are so unsupportive. I'm feeling better again and everything has cooled down but more damage seems to be done. Stress has seemed to play a strong role in making this shit worse and I actually managed to get a little better, just barely, after a period of minimal stress but then something went wrong. Still feeling very depersonalized. Seems this shit has made the brain fog a bit worse. I'm as fucked up as an old person in the early stages of Alzheimer's now. I'm losing shit and now my family is noticing that I'm constantly forgetting shit as I tend to repeat shit and we would be having a conversation and I'm suddenly like "what are you talking about ?". I was just recording a YouTube video earlier for my YouTube channel and I started repeating shit that I already said and I started spacing out.

PS I'm not freaking out right now I know this post looks a little "panicky" but I don't really panic or get much anxiety anymore my brain just shuts down and enters a stoned state.

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