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Moving room?


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Ive had hppd for like 6 months (self diagnosed). I have seen many people write about their symptoms, and have kinda of finded it calming that others experience the same. Im pretty much rid of my anxiety, but i got kinda scared when i experienced something last night. Theres a little light from the street so the only visible point in my room is my window (its Dark in my room). I looked above my window, and suddenly it started moving down and too the bottom corner of my vision. When i looked away from the point over my window, everything was normal again. Just wanted to hear if someone else is experiencing something simmilar?

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Yep. Did you get your HPPD from acid or another hallucinogen? I think this is one of the more common symptoms from hallucinogenic drugs, and to me it's one of my least favorite symptoms (of many). I just hate how it's always there, waiting in the background. How I can go about my day, or two days or even a week or two at times, and I think it's gone, and then suddenly when you least expect it you catch yourself starting at something and all of a sudden things start warping and moving and getting really disfigured. It's such a harsh reminder that your HPPD is still very real and nowhere near ending. My theory is that when I can again stare at something for more than a few seconds without it starting to move, that I'll finally be inching closer to getting rid of this crap.  

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