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HPPD without DP/DR?


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Hey guys,

I've been on here for nearly a year now and I'm starting to question whether or not I had "HPPD" or just drug-induced visual anomalities (being occasional after images, persistent visual snow and shocking night vision). I had awful substance abuse anxiety after an 8 month abuse of XTC, which subsided after 6 months of CBT and antidepressant treatment. As my anxiety was reduced, so did the intensity/noticAbility of my visual symptoms. Not once have I ever felt like I've been "tripping".

I know this is a sensitive topic for some, but recently I have been getting back into XTC/dextroampjetamines, having 6-9 weeks break and doing half a point twice throughout the night, never getting the proper roll. It doesn't affect my visual symptoms at all, unless I haven't slept. In which case my snow and after images become stronger. My visual symptoms haven't affected me in my day to day things.

I'm quite wary what I'm doing is offensive to everyone suffering here... would my symptoms be pre-HPPD? My sibling has the same "snowy/staticy" sky but just on a less intense scale - and never touched drugs in his life.

I've been reading several threads on reddit about HPPD who seem to have similar symptoms but downplay it/seem to manage it light heartedly

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