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Regret Telling My Parents

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In September, I told both my parents everything about the HPPD, and depersonalization/derealization. I have started to realize that was a big mistake. They are both the most unsupportive morons ever. They agreed to make appointments and my plan was to get meds prescribed but then my mom surprises me with "this entire time, you thought I was going to let you get a seizure medication prescribed to help with visual disturbances ?"

Every time I have one of my dp moments, they think I'm high and I can't seem to convince them I'm not because they so strongly believe that I'm still taking drugs. even when I say "go ahead and drug test me", they refuse. I'm so done with them and I'm thinking about asking to move to New Mexico with my aunt to get away from them. Every time I ask about my appointment or for other help or when I try to explain everything, they just start attacking me.

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to me its obvious that they are victims of propaganda (they think ''once junkie always a junkie'')...and that they just pretend you are taking drugs with no evidence + they dont give you the chance to prove the opposite..indicates that they seem to adjudge you for ever having taken drugs (like ''you took/take drugs...that serves you right...come to terms..its your fault'') cause there behavior leads to nowhere else but your despair..and i think its their intent.


i would really go crazy with these kind of people...though they are still stupid..not even my parents are such assholes...im so sorry for you

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