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allready 6 years but keep on progressing not regressing (positive peptalk and dreams)

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hej everybody,


im bruno im belgian blablabla.

if i come to the point , i have hppd allready for 6 years, it defines into dimensiondisorders, anxiety for situations , and a constantly visual disorder im leading from that day when i had an overdose of mdma and lsd

i was a weakling in the beginning and couldnt do anything , not going to school failing in situations , thoughts that my friends dislike me and wanted to do bad things to me.

by psychotherapie and myself i became much better 

confidence level beginning hppd : 1/10 

now : 6/10

and i will have more points, this 6/10 became because off many things : friends, family , psychologue, dreams, travelling

i travel a lot : i went 9 months to china for a shaolin kungfu training day in day out 8 hours a day : there was no time for hppd

went bycicling through whole south east asia, having a  splendid girlfriend.

u may think wow and im impressed. dont be!



how hard this all may sounds 50 procent off the time i can do this, other times im also just a little man.

be proud everybody also on how far u reached your life untill now.

i really litteraly and figuraly fought my way up.

i want to become a champion and see hppd as my friend (remember a beautifull mind)

that will take a while but I WILL ACHIEVE!


imagine people who are blind is much worse, in hard times think about this all.

and know : u are not allone who has hppd

i am here with u guys


love hppd, love the world, love yourself


big support , bruno

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Some counties offer euthanasia.

So I did x like 5 years back. Before, I was funny, cocky, angry, I was fucking awesome. Bitches loved me. Now, I can't drive normal, walk normal, sometimes when I'm talking it's like I'm observing myself talk, same with walking. Drugs don't do anything to me anymore.

After that night, I was so pissed a month later I blew an OxyContin 80mg and before that I only did lortab maybe twice. Nothing. It didn't touch me. I felt dizzy. I do t know if this is dp or whatever the abbreviation is you guys use but since that night, I have been stuck on it, like my mind is stuck in it. Whatever it is. Like I'm someone else and I forgot who I was.

But, I got involved in heavy drugs because of this, so maybe I would have healed? Two weeks after this happened I started oxy and Xanax and ended up on methadone maintenance and klonopin. I just recently got clean and I'm fucking stuck on this unreal feeling I'm stuck in. I took a Busbar last week , the only script I filled after the hospital visit and I took one, and it made me feel like I did the day after mdma. When I moved my eyes left my ears felt like they were swooshing and my equilibrium was moving with my eyes movements. Wtf

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