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To the Sinemeters

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Just wondering how things have progressed through the days...any side effects? Howre your visuals doin?

I got an appointment with a great neurologist coming in a week, and I wanna be able to take to him a decent amount of testimonials in order to help my chances of getting some sinemet.

On separate news, i had been feeling much better, then my roommates decided to smoke DMT in my apartment, woke up anxious as hell in a cloud of rancid smoke, with eye pains, and now im back to insomnia, waves on the walls, depression, head pressure, and worse trails and after images. It blows. My DP also got worse, now things that didnt seem unfamiliar before make me anxious as hell (my knees, trees, burritos lol) Exams arent helping either.

Also, i know it's too early to tell, but if you get off the drug after taking it for say a few months, at least theoretically, would you find improvement, or would you just go back to feeling the way you did before?

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Yeah, im actually livin at home for now, i just had to go up to school for about a week to take 2 exams...but yeah, next time im definitely putting everything on the table and letting them know...it's strange though...i know that my symptoms got worse because of it, but ive been happier ever since, articulating more as well, although the exterior world know looks somewhat unfamiliar, which blows...i really dont get this disorder at all.

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